Headset with vizor

This headset was a demo designed with the CADANS predecessor SolidWorks AddIn proof of concept.

It shows the possibilities of this concept by allowing the head shape to be replaced with various sizes and shapes, after which the design created around the head updates to this new geometry.

  • The design consists of a strap over the head that reshapes to the updated shape of the head while remaining the same length. 
  • A hinge between the strap and the earphone to keep the earphone on the ear even though the strap has a fixed length.
  • A foam cover for the speaker that is shaped to the ear of the user. (for mass customization)
  • And a HUD (heads-up display) that remains at a fixed distance from the eye of the user.

This design is not a real product example build with the addin but a proof of concept showing the possibilities.