Week of workshops BCI's

Ever year a week of workshops is held at product development for the students from the second to the fourth year. They all combine and choose a workshop to work on for one week. This year one of the workshops was the "Think thoughts happily" workshop hosted by Daniel Lacko and supported by Jochen Vleugels.

The goal was set to make the design of BCI's (brain computer interfaces) more atractive for users. 

Most clean and atractive looking bci's don't have many electrodes and so only have very limited use. More advanced bci's are almost always scary looking devices made by pure technicians. Some designs like the OpenBCI try to make a nicer product but tend to get lost in complexity.

So the student got to work trying to make a cosmetic feasable design for their users segment. Four different segments where decided on and explored. Following designes are the result of this weeks work:


click them for full-size.

While some of them used physical prototypes to verify their idea most used ourh 3D shapemodel to work on and so created CAD versions that would be usable to vurther development. Keeping in mind that some of the students have only limited knowledge of CAD software, these models are a good representation of how much is already possible in short time if the correct basis is provided.