CADANS in the news: 3D measurements to improve the fit of cycling helmets

A cycling helmet that doesn't fit your head properly or an item of clothing marked 'one size fits all' that doesn't actually fit: we've all been there. Modern 3D measuring techniques can make a big difference here.

Anthropometry, the measurement of the human individual, is age old. It may sound obvious, but it isn't: human anatomy varies enormously. The importance of this variation shouldn't be underestimated, since good measurements are essential for designing ergonomic products like furniture, clothes and prostheses.

Week of workshops BCI's

Ever year a week of workshops is held at product development for the students from the second to the fourth year. They all combine and choose a workshop to work on for one week. This year one of the workshops was the "Think thoughts happily" workshop hosted by Daniel Lacko and supported by Jochen Vleugels.

The goal was set to make the design of BCI's (brain computer interfaces) more atractive for users. 

BCI design

The goal of this project was to create a Brain computer interface or BCI headset that would approximate the scientific (10-20system) electrode locations [1] with more accuracy and repeatability then other BCI designs achieve and is optimized for 3D printing. 

Since the deadline was only a short three weeks from start of the design to final experiments using this design the choice was made not to incorporate the aesthetics or usability  in the design specifications or drivers.


Headset with vizor

This headset was a demo designed with the CADANS predecessor SolidWorks AddIn proof of concept.

It shows the possibilities of this concept by allowing the head shape to be replaced with various sizes and shapes, after which the design created around the head updates to this new geometry.