CADANS Seminar 2015

Event location: Antwerp University, Division of product development, Ambtmanstraat 1, 2000 Antwerp.

On June 2, 2015,the research groups Product Development and iMinds-Vision Lab of the University of Antwerp organise the first CADANS seminar. The main topic of the seminar is the use of advanced digital technologies for the improvement and customization of wearable products.

The design of products that closely interact with the human body, such as furniture, clothing, orthotics, and protective gear, requires a thorough understanding of the variation in human anatomy. Anthropometry – measurement of man – is an important tool in the design process to ensure safe, comfortable, and functional products. Emerging technologies to digitally capture human body data, e.g. via 3D scanning, offer far richer data compared to the traditional tape measure and open up opportunities in adding unique value through comfort improvement or personalisation. The application of these new technologies is, however, still perceived as challenging. This seminar provides an in-depth look in state-of-the-art 3D anthropometry in industry and academics with real-world cases. All SMEs, large companies, and academic researchers are cordially invited to join us in making this an inspiring one-day seminar.

The morning session focuses on industrial applications and the afternoon session focuses on recent advancements in related scientific research.

The morning program is as follows:

08u30 Registration & coffee
09u00 Welcome & introduction, Toon Huysmans - UAntwerp
09u15 "Exploitation of 3D based resources", Alfredo Ballester - Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (keynote)
10u15 Coffee break
10u35 "Bivolino's patented biometric sizing technology", Gaby Ratajczak - Bivolino
11u05 "Customization and fitting and how it affects the production process", Tom Peeters - RS Print
11u35 "CADANS methodology", Jochen Vleugels - UAntwerp
12u00 Network lunch

The afternoon program is as follows:

13u00 "Deriving design specifications from shape models", Daniel Lacko - UAntwerp/KULeuven
13u30 "From motion to M2OCEAN: Motion capturing and motor control", Ann Hallemans - UAntwerp M2OCEAN
14u00 "Smartfit measurement campaign 2012 – 2013: results and implementation", Joris Cools - HoGent
14u30 Coffee break
15u00 "Thermal comfort and fit", Guido De Bruyne - Lazer Sport
15u30 "Human Body Modeling", Femke Danckaers - UAntwerp
16u00 Closing remarks, Stijn Verwulgen - UAntwerp

13:00-16:00 "Demo: CADANS web tool and SolidWorks plugin", Jochen Vleugels & Rob Linders - UAntwerp

Registration fee: 75 per attendee.